Table of Contents

The following is a chapter-level table of contents. For the complete table of contents to Construction Project Management by Alison Dykstra, including sections and subheadings, click here.

  1. The Construction Industry & Trends
  2. Green Construction: A Builder’s Opportunity
  3. Construction Projects & Players
  4. Project Stages
  5. The Owner’s Feasibility
  6. Project Delivery Methods
  7. Programming and Design Phase
  8. Bidding and Awarding the Job
  9. Contractors: Finding and Qualifying for the Right Jobs
  10. Fundamentals of Estimating
  11. Creating Estimates
  12. Introduction to Contracts
  13. Types of Construction Contracts
  14. The Agreement
  15. General & Supplementary Conditions
  16. Contract Specifications
  17. Pre-Construction & Mobilization
  18. The Construction Phase
  19. Fundamentals of Scheduling
  20. Creating and Using the Schedule
  21. Buying Out the Job: Subcontracting
  22. Changes in the Work
  23. Getting Paid
  24. Claims, Disputes, and Mechanic’s Liens
  25. Close-Out and Occupancy
  26. Glossary
Dykstra Construction Project Management 3rd edition cover
Construction Project Management is informative and easy to read. It clearly outlines the professional building processes and procedures. It is a great book not only for students, but for the building professional as well.”
~ Andy Briglio, contractor

For more information: Construction Project Management

“This book is a great introduction to the field and represents a powerful argument for an increased focus on green construction. Dykstra’s writing is clear, concise and well informed by decades of experience in the field.”
~ Jerry Yudelson, PE, LEED Fellow, author and speaker, founder of the Yudelson Associates consultancy

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Green Construction: An Introduction to a Changing Industry