Construction Project Management, 3rd edition

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ISBN: 978-0-9827034-5-8

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Table of contents here ; see below for sample chapters

An expanded and updated third edition of this bestselling text provides the reader with the basics on what it takes to design, develop, and construct our buildings and neighborhoods. Written in an accessible and readable style, Construction Project Management provides readers at all skill levels with crucial background information often overlooked in other texts, including:

• The roles of the major players—owners, designers, general and specialty contractors
• Why contractors should avoid some jobs and how to get the right ones
• What bidding is and why the low bid isn’t always the best bid
• How to develop cost estimates and schedules, and why they are central to project success
• Why different types of construction contracts carry different levels of risk
• How a contractor can bring in a job on time and on budget

New chapters explore:
• Technology and the ways new software, materials, and products are changing construction project management and the role of industry workers — see sample chapter below
• How the growing emphasis on sustainability and climate resiliency impacts the construction industry

Plus much, much more:
• Codes, standards, and zoning
• Alternative project delivery methods
• ConsensusDocs and AIA documents, MasterFormat and BIM
• Managing changes and avoiding disputes
• Project close-out
• Licensing and training

Sample chapters:

• Construction & Technology: chapter 3

• Fundamentals of Estimating: chapter 12

• More sample chapters coming soon

About the authors:

Alison Dykstra, M. Arch., has been a registered architect since 1983. Her project management experience ranges from small-scale to mid-rise housing. Dykstra’s interest in sustainable design and education dates from her association with the Farallones Institute, an early leader in renewable energy research and green construction. She began teaching construction management in the early 1990s. This book draws on her professional and classroom experience to explain a complex subject in a way that meets the needs of those new to the industry as well as seasoned professionals.

Linda Kade, AIA, lead editor for the third edition of Construction Project Management, has worked as a designer, forensic architect (analyzing problems with existing buildings and designing corrective solutions), and construction litigation consultant. Other field experience includes providing construction observations as architect of record, providing property condition assessments (PCAs) and related due diligence reports, and functioning as an owners’ representative, third-party observer, and construction loan monitor.

Dykstra Construction Project Management 3rd edition cover
Construction Project Management is informative and easy to read. It clearly outlines the professional building processes and procedures. It is a great book not only for students, but for the building professional as well.”
~ Andy Briglio, contractor

For more information: Construction Project Management

“This book is a great introduction to the field and represents a powerful argument for an increased focus on green construction. Dykstra’s writing is clear, concise and well informed by decades of experience in the field.”
~ Jerry Yudelson, PE, LEED Fellow, author and speaker, founder of the Yudelson Associates consultancy

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Green Construction: An Introduction to a Changing Industry