Green Construction & LEED Certification



An Introduction to Green Construction and LEED Certification is an e-book for the Amazon Kindle, by Alison Dykstra, AIA, CSI (author of the popular textbook Construction Project Management). This e-book presents a concise overview of the LEED green rating system and the requirements for getting a building LEED certified.

Deconstructing a process which may initially appear complex, this paper identifies the steps in a way that the reader can easily grasp, including:

  • selection of the correct rating system,
  • project registration,
  • identification of performance credits and compliance with prerequisites, and
  • final completion and certification.

The paper puts the LEED rating system in context by providing an overview of the development of the green movement from early examples of passive solar heating to modern applications and explores the critical role of construction and buildings in resource use.

The reader is introduced to the US Green Building Council and other key players; photographs, multiple boxed sidebars, endnotes, and a hyper-linked Table of Contents help make this an exceptionally readable and accessible introduction. An Introduction to Green Construction and LEED Certification provides a solid foundation for the reader to pursue more in depth learning.


Dykstra Construction Project Management 3rd edition cover
Construction Project Management is informative and easy to read. It clearly outlines the professional building processes and procedures. It is a great book not only for students, but for the building professional as well.”
~ Andy Briglio, contractor

For more information: Construction Project Management

“This book is a great introduction to the field and represents a powerful argument for an increased focus on green construction. Dykstra’s writing is clear, concise and well informed by decades of experience in the field.”
~ Jerry Yudelson, PE, LEED Fellow, author and speaker, founder of the Yudelson Associates consultancy

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Green Construction: An Introduction to a Changing Industry